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44 Harpur Street provides the perfect venue for co working,
business meetings, 121s, creative workshops and after hours
events with a twist… Come and escape your desk for
somewhere different and discover a new world of working
behind the little blue door on 44 Harpur Street….

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Lovingly designed to create a wonderful working environment, the Parlour is the perfect setting for you and your laptop to get some work done without being interrupted by the day to day distractions of that rather orange man David Dickinson, This Morning,
or washing your smalls.

Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to a whole new world of business and co working

Hidden behind a secret blue door known as 44 Harpur Street. you can escape your own desk for somewhere different, a space where you can work or hold a meeting in a wonderful environment with like minded individuals without the daily distractions of working from home or your own stale office!.  We;ve got everything covered…from meeting rooms, to office space to your own virtual PA and Concierge Service to do the to do list that never gets done….We know how hard it is (we’ve been there!) and we can help…..We’d love you to join us and look forward to doing Business with you…. All of this whilst sipping on our delicious illy coffee and nibbling on our famous homemade brownies and raw balls!  > Read More

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Wine, cheese and chatter in the parlour

Thu 3 November
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
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